What holds your business back?

Productivity First work with individuals and teams where we target specific process and tasks for improvement.

Our process is to Standardize, Automize and Systemize within your current IT eco system. Some of our SME clients range from Retail stores, Accountancy practices, tradesmen to haulage companies.  

Avail of our free 90 minute consultation where we can tell you what solutions are possible and how long it will take.

  • The front end of the business was great, the office end processes were old, slow and full of errors.
    Inside two weeks I had a productive and cool new system that automates 70% of what was done manually

    Philip Homan – Gloman Ventures

  • “My furniture business was growing but my processes were not scalable to handle the increase in volume. I was debating hiring additional headcount when I turned to Productivity First. I’ve never looked back”

    James Keogh – SME Owner

  • “I was always struggling for time to get to everything both at work and at home, I was making some big productivity mistakes. Now I am relaxed while still getting everything done. This course should be on the school syllabus!”

    Allison Cosgrove – IDA Ireland

  • “My big projects were getting stuck and my procrastanation was increasing on all my actions big and small. Now I have a system that works. My actions are all on track and projects are moving forward.”

    Carl Duffy – Sales Director

  • “Your head is for thinking, not remembering. I learned this and the methodolgy to implement it at this course. All of my tasks both at work and at home are in a trusted system and my head is clear of distractions and wasted energy.”

    Edel O Meara – Retail Manager

"However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results." Winston Churchill


It’s often hard to change the business while running the same business, Emails, Spreadsheets, unstructured manual tools and too much administrative tasks slow down natural output and creative change, not to mention the increase in errors and rework.


"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Albert Einstein

Stop Fire Fighting the same non income generating issues each month

Work Smarter and not Harder with simplified systems and processes.

Simplify, Eliminate, Automate before hiring an expensive new recruit.

For real changes