The Productivity Project
Take Control of Your Work Life

A 2 Day Productivity Experience to GET AHEAD & STAY AHEAD

  • This experience is designed specifically for the challenges of today’s always on, technology driven culture.
  • The small group size facilitates individual coaching and advice from the facilitators – leading Productivity consultants Paul Cosgrove and Moira Dunne.
  • Work ON your Work with your new Productivity System..
    • Redefining productivity in the modern world
    • How to master every open action
    • Emails Under Control
    • Filing System Set UP
    • Decision Making
    • Gathering Everything
    • Utilize your existing system to organize your actions
    • The Look Over
    • Taking Effective Action
    • Designing your optimal workflow to handle anything
    • Stress test your new skills with real-life examples from your world
    • The Power of NO
    • Laws of Work
    • Root Cause & Preventative Actions
    • Documenting Processes
    • Effective Meetings
    • Attention Management
    • Awesome Apps for Productivity
  • Employees report feeling more in control and focused. They enjoy an improved work life balance and greater work satisfaction.

    • Elimination of wasted time and rework in hours multiplied by euros delivers real savings.
    • Be Effective on the things that matter
    • Keep your head clear to think and strategize
    • Always stay in control
  • A 30 minute pre course phone call with each participant to capture specific issues and
    A follow-up programme over a 6 week period to review progress.

    • All Course material including takeaway bespoke Action notebooks
    • 6 month Free Access to our Tailored Productivity Social Network
    • On Site Training at our premises. (Tea/Coffee Soup & Sandwiches)
  • We work with clients to reschedule where possible.

    • 10% of the full course fee will be charged on cancellations received up to 15 calendar days of the start date.
    • 50% of the full course fee will be charged on cancellations received within 14 calendar days or less of the start date.
    • Cancellations on the day of the programme will not be subject to a refund