Frequently asked questions

What is the Return on Investment for one of your Services?

Every single service will save your business money! That is our business ethos. If a product or service does not meet this requirement then we dont recommend it. All services provided are desinged to Make Your Work Easier. Our recommended software packages are tried and tested by our experts so they deliver a sustained improvement.

Why do I have to join as a Member?

Members will always receive Priority Support based on longevity. Our membership rates are incredibly accessible. We keep our content fresh with the lastest solutions to common issues faced by SME's in Ireland. Membership provides access to Webinars. Walkthroughs, 1 on 1 sessions with an Expert. Depending on your membership choice you can also have on demand access to a Productivity Expert.

Is the subscription Annual or Monthly?

Our subscriptions are Monthly and its easy to unsubscribe.

I have a specific Issue that is not mentioned on your website.

If you have joined our Gold Membership you can live chat on demand with our lead Productivity Expert who can recommend a bespoke solution.

How Long does it take to become a more Productive business?

Quite Simply its impossible to say, however there is low hanging fruit in every business. The best approach is to tackle one business issue at a time and expand outward from there if necessary.

Is this like Lean Training from Enterprise Ireland?

While our Experts use some Lean training principles, we are Practicioners and not Professors. Attending lean training is excellent but often employees return to work and implement very little of what they learned. This is due to the employee having a lack of time or skills to implement the changes. Our Experts implement changes and train in tandem.

What is your most Popular Service?

Our Process review is incredibly popular. Many business simply do not have the time to review and change their ways of working. Having an Expert review a process and recommend intuitive & inexpensive solutions can save thousands of euros per year. A cool new system or App often promises to solve all problems however its imperative that a companys way of working is reviewed before trying to implement some new technology.

Do you only work with Knowledge Workers?

Our Primary focus is on employees who work full or part time with a computer or similar device. Office employees are an expensive and growing part of the workforce. If employees are not on Facebook or Youtube then the perception is that they are working hard which is often not the case. Gaining savings in this area can save thousands of Euros and remove headaches for management and owners.

What type of work have you done for SME's in Ireland?

A few samples include 1) Removal of 60% of manual labour from an online ordering process 2) Automating data entry and saving 31 hours per week 3) Automating Supplier Invoice process saving 36 hours per week 4) Mentorship to Small Business Owners who wanted to make changes but required help 5) Implementing auto letter generation saving 4 days of work per month 6) Implemeting Employee Rostering system saving 69 hours of work per week across an entire site 7) Creation of Digital Forms to automate Quotations and Invoice Generation for tradeperson - saving 9 hours per week 8) Simplified order management, supplier payments, and employee payments for a logistics company saving 70 hours per week across 2 people. 9) Provide On Demand Lean/Problem Solving consultation to SME's

What do you mean by On Demand?

Our approach is different. We provide dynamic solutions to our clients when they need them. We are not here to "sell" products or services. Our Problem Solvers are just that, they solve real life issues that SME's face day to day starting small and then working outward if needed. Our Technology products and Professional Services are our toolkit that we use only when needed. Often our clients need Advice, Expertise and Direction and that is exactly what we provide. Join as a Member

What is your most popular Product?

Our Supplier Invoice Automation tool is incredibly popular. Do not confuse this with generating customer invoices. This automates the supplier invoice payment process completely. The cost savings and ease of implementation alone are enough to warrant implementation.

What Technology Providers are you affiliated with?

We are partnered with a number of technology providers who support implementation and roll out where required. Our Business Model is not to fit specific technology systems into your Business. We identify specific issues that your business has and then recommend the latest and best Tech only. The list of Apps and Tech that we recommend and implement is dynamically changing.

What is your Process when you engage with a client?

At a very high level there are 3 steps our team takes; 1) A member of the team identifes the main points in a key business process. 2) Then we audit the "Ways of Working" and identify improvements that can be made using your existing technology. 3) Once your processes are streamlined, we then recommend a computer system or piece of technology that will revolutionise your business (Only if it is absolutely required) It is a case of Rinse & Repeat thereafter where required. Before commencing any project the team provide a Return on Investment calculation to assist the decision making process.

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