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Improving SME Productivity

Leo Varadkar 

For individual firms, market success and growth, particularly in international markets, depends on higher productivity translating into improved competitiveness. However, we have seen a decline in productivity in Irelands's SME's

Heather Humphreys TD

We must focus on growing highly productive and skilled people creating and working in highly productive and sustainable businesses.”



SME's work with a budgeting logic instead of an investment logic

If I invest €1,000 and save €10,000 in the first year then it's only fear of change preventing implementation


SME's in Ireland do need to utilize the latest intuitive & inexpensive technology to Automate, Eliminate or Simplify their Business.

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What our Clients are Saying

We didn't need Robots or Artificial Intelligence. We needed some Key pieces of Technology implemented and our old Ways of Working Overhauled. Our business is  always looking to improve our competitive edge and we have a great bedrock in place

Our Industry is changing so quickly and we need to improve our Productivity.

Some basic automation has already saved us hours and having front line access to the latest tech in our industry is a huge advantage

Who knew that Digitising my Order Form could be such a lifesaver. I am a Luddite when it comes to Technology but these guys are changing the way  we do Business - and its not that scary

Our Business is growing but our ways of work were not keeping up. We needed a system to hold all our Customer Order information, manage our workflow and automate our invoices. Within 2 weeks were live with the perfect technology for us.

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