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Our Processes keep letting us down but we are too busy to fix them. Employees wont change their ways of working and its holding us back. We need better Technology but i...
Process / People / Technology
35 min
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Imagine how easy work would be if you could call a qualified, local specialist whenever you need. Protect your business by knowing and implementing the fundamentals. Lea...
HR Essentials for SME's
35 min
If your organisation is looking to implement a new IT system or even a cloud based App, first it worth speaking with an Expert before investing time and money. There is ...
Why Its Always Process before System
45 min
Over Time, Employees, Customers and Suppliers can seemingly have more say on how your business is run than You do. Remember - this phemonona is not unique to you. Challen...
Project "Reset my Business
30 min
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You cannot duplicate yourself, only make yourself more Effective. The modern workplace is incredibly busy. With all the information and distractions it can be hard to fi...
Getting Clarity - Personal Productivity
30 min
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A quick audit of a process can be conducted in person or on the phone. Our Experts can pin point areas that need improvement immediately. Without experience, the common d...
Audit a Business Process
25 min
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